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Mental Health and Relieving Anxiety:
6 Tips to stay Sane!

1. Stay informed with reliable resources and avoid ‘fake news’

2. Preserve daily routines as much as possible

  • Wake up and have your coffee in the morning!
  • Start your online work at the same time you normally would.

3. Take a break from social media and news and don’t overexpose yourself to too much information.

  • It’s okay to look away from the news and watch something irrelevant!
  • Sometimes funny/cute pictures of cats and dogs is the only ‘stimulation’ we need.

4. Maintain a healthy diet, engage in regular exercise and get enough sleep.

  • With gyms possibly closing you can take advantage of the great weather we are having and walk or run outside.
  • Train for a 5k with Couch to 5k (free in the app store).
  • Indoor workouts are available in the App Store:
  • Asana Rebel: Free introduction Yoga with two new videos a day.
  • Mytraining: Training videos, a routine log, and a handy calendar to track progress.
  • Daily Workout FitnessTrainer: No equipment needed training that can be done at home.

5. Take advantage of outdoor activities while still maintaining social distancing

  • Enjoy walks in spacious parks, or hiking trails.
  • Ride your bike and get plenty of Vitamin D!

6. Do not isolate!

  • Connect with others through video chat, phone calls, texting and more.
  • Check on family and friends and make time to talk about ‘non-crisis’ events